Raising the OC Bar

OCBA Affiliate Spotlight: Hispanic Bar Association History

February 13, 2024 Orange County Bar Association Season 1 Episode 5
Raising the OC Bar
OCBA Affiliate Spotlight: Hispanic Bar Association History
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This episode spotlights the history of the Hispanic Bar Association of Orange County, going back to the 1970s. Shirin Forootan interviews esteemed guests: Judge Aguirre, Justice Sanchez, and Jeanette Garcia. Personal stories about Wally Davis, Justice Cruz Reynoso, and more remind us that we do in fact stand on the shoulders of giants. Tune in to learn how far this great organization has come over the past 50 years, and where it is headed. 

Early formation of Mexican American Lawyers Club
Purposes of Mexican American Lawyers Club
501(c)(3) status obtained and limitations on political activity
Fundraisers and scholarships
Story from Justice Sanchez about 1960s court interpreter Charles Carrillo
Judge Aguirre shares history about Carrillo family
Jeanette Garcia discusses Latino judges and attorneys
Judge Aguirre discusses HBA’s early focus on promoting worthy candidates to the judiciary
Justice Sanchez describes his early involvement with the HBA/Mexican American Bar Association and Cruz Reynoso’s retention election
Early fundraising events involving Vikki Vargas from Channel 4 News and Dallas Cowboys Kickers
Poll guard incident at voting locations in Santa Ana
Judge Aguirre recounts Judge Frances Munoz's election in the 80s
Judge Aguirre discusses Judge Richard Orozco's election in the 80s
Judge Briseno's election; fundraising event involving the Rams and mariachis!
Justice Cruz Reynoso's election
Judge Sarmiento judicial campaign
Justice Reynoso’s service as law professor at UCLA and UC Davis and receipt of Presidential Medal of Freedom
Court of Appeal, Division 4, District 3, named after Justice Cruz Reynoso
Name change to Hispanic Bar Association in 1983
HBA becomes affiliate of OCBA
Jeanette Garcia shares her experience with the growth of HBA OC and her path to President
Jeanette Garcia shares her vision for the future of HBA OC
Shirin highlights Mayte's incredible career path