Raising the OC Bar

OCBA History

October 16, 2023 Orange County Bar Association Season 1 Episode 3
Raising the OC Bar
OCBA History
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Former Presidents of the Orange County Bar Association and its current CEO/Executive Director discuss the growth of the Orange County legal community, the role the OCBA has played in the development of legal institutions in Orange County, and the impact the OCBA has had on the larger Orange County community.  

Speakers’ introductions to Orange County and OCBA
Growth of Orange County and the OCBA
Building of federal courthouse and Court of Appeals in OC
OCBA purchases its own building
Small town OC feel
OCBA avoids insolvency
Charitable giving of the OCBA and related programs
Creation of Gender Equity Committee and Diversity Committee
Jennifer King
OCBA Mission Statement
Law Day and Call a Lawyer program
OCBA members assist the elderly with trust and estate matters
Transformation of OCBA Gender Equity Committee
OCBA response to 1993 fires
OCBA logo
Alicemarie Stotler
OCBA Affiliates
Current state of the OCBA